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Do I need a new helmet?


No, but it is preferable if possible. Used helmets can be painted as long as they are in a good, undamaged condition. As an Arai dealer we can supply brand new helmets at discount prices, and can also supply other brands such as Stilo and Bell among others.


I am not very good at drawing, how do I design my helmet?


You can send your own sketches (however good or bad!), descriptions or any reference material such as magazines or pictures from the web, and we are happy to work from this to create a design with you. We also provide detailed computer designs for your approval prior to painting. There is a cost for the computer design due to the time and work taken to create it. Please see our Design page.


Can you paint names and logos?


Yes. We can paint or print logos from the files you provide. Good, high resolution images are preferable as there will be an added cost if we have to redraw the logos.


How long does it take?


Most paintwork takes 2-3 weeks once it is started. If you require chrome there will be an added time and cost due to the process, and some highly intricate airbrush designs may also take a little longer. The waiting list time varies depending on the period of the year, with some busy times such as Christmas being up to a couple of months before we start. If you require your helmet for a specific date please tell us during consultation, and we do offer an express service for an added cost.


How much is this going to cost?


Prices vary depending on the intricacies & complexities of the design. As a rough guide a simple design with basic colours starts at £275 +VAT. An average race design can be between £350-£750 +VAT. Chrome adds £300 +VAT to the overall cost, with airbrushed murals and cartoons etc. priced individually based on the hours required. Please contact us for a more accurate quote based on your needs.

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